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Terms and Conditions / 条例与限定:

1. A confirmed admissions based on the submission of exhibition form with full payment before 31 st August 2017. Any submission after 20th August 2017 will not be accepted. / 2017年8月20日前提交报名表格並付全额者,才被视作有效之报名,在此之后才提交报名表格或付全额者,有关报名将视为无效並不做退款处理。

2. All bookings will be handled on first come first served basis. /摊位有限,先到先得。

3. All cost exclusive of 6% GST. /所有摊位价格不包含6%消费税。


  • 4.1 A 50% fee of the total price will be charged to the exhibitor in case of cancellation before 15th August 2017. Exhibitor must pay 100% default if decide to cancel or abandon the booth from 15th August 2017 to the start of the show. /如参展商在2017年8月15日之前取消参展或放弃展位,应付50%的违约 金。如参展商在2017年8月15日至展览会开幕之前取消参展或放弃展位,应 付100%的违约金。。
  • 4.2 Exhibitors have to send a cancellation application to the organizer, the day they decide to withdraw from the exhibition or give up their booth. The application will be valid only after reception confirmation from the organizer. /参展商取消参展或放弃展位必须发送书面通知主办单位, 只有在主办单位收到书面形式的申明并与予确认后, 参展商取消参展或放弃展位的请求才视为有效。
  • 4.3 The organizer reserves the right to reject any cancellation request based on their sole discretion. /主办单位保留权利拒绝任何取消参展的请求。
  • 4.4 In the event where any Exhibitor shall have not paid all the cost by 15th August 2017, the organizer shall have the right to issue a Notice of Payment to the said Exhibitor and if full payment is not received within the next 14days, the said Exhibitor shall be deemed to have cancelled and withdrawn with immediate effect whereby all payment made shall be absolutely forfeited./ 如有参展商在15/8/2017前未付清全部租额,主办当局有权力发出通知于该参展商,并在14天后未缴清租额为由取消其参展资格并没收已付之全部租额。


  • 5.1 Exhibition booth (3m X 3m) / 参展摊位 (3米 X 3米)
  • 5.2 1 table, 1 set fascia name, 2 chairs, 1 dustbin, and carpet. / 一张桌子,1个招牌,2张椅子,1个垃圾桶, 备有地毯。


  • 6.1 Exhibitor booths will be allocated by the host authorities whose decision shall be absolute & final. / 参展摊位将由主办当局分配作最后决定。
  • 6.2 No nailing painting is allowed any damage caused to booth or exhibitor hall or floor by exhibitor shall be charged to the exhibitor for any damage. / 展厅配备严厉禁止钉钻,油漆及如何形式损坏,否则一律赔偿无赦。
  • 6.3 All extra booths furnishing cost incurred shall be borne by the Exhibitor. /任何额外展厅装饰,皆由参展商自付。
  • 6.4 Any sub-letting assigning of the exhibition booths is strictly prohibited unless with the written consent of the organizer. / 主办单位拒绝任何形式,全部或部分的转租、合租和共用展厅,除非获得主办当局的书面允许。

Should the Exhibitor require any extra power point or higher voltage consumption, kindly liaise with our event in-charge. All extra cost incurred shall be borne by the Exhibitor. / 如需额外插座或高压电源,请联络活动负责人,任何额外电费及安装费皆由参展商自付。

The exhibition’s date is as stated in the application form. The Organizer shall be entitled to change exhibition if it deems necessary and the Exhibitor shall be informed of such changes in writing. /商展日期乃根据申请表格所定,主办当局在突发情况,有权更改商展日期,所有更改将以书面通知。


  • 9.1 The Exhibitor shall ensure that their exhibition booths are manned by competent staff during exhibition hours. / 参展商于商展期间需确保展销摊位是由经授权及认可之职员所经营。
  • 9.2 The organizer shall not be liable for any damage, Theft and pilferage during the fair. / 如有任何形式的损坏、烧毁、遗失及盗窃等,主办当局将一概不负责任何形式的赔偿。
  • 9.3 The Exhibitor are advised to purchase insurance cover for their exhibition items in the exhibition hall, as no fire or other forms of liabilities insurance coverage are provided by the organizer./ 参展商应自购适合、有效及充足的保险。

The Exhibitor shall maintain the cleanliness of their exhibitions booth and shall be responsible remove all rubbish. / 参展商需负责展厅及周围的清洁卫生,并自行负责清理垃圾。

11. OTHERS其他

  • 11.1 The Organizer reserves the right reject any application should the products & services to be exhibited is found not suitable in our Exhibition Hall./ 主办当局保留拒绝任何申请的权力,同时有权拒绝非法和不适合的展销。
  • 11.2 The Organizer reserves the right to make and issue rules and regulations in connection with the event and the conduct of Exhibitor from time to time. Such rules and regulations shall form part of this Contract and shall be binding on Exhibitor upon the same being dispatched to the Exhibitor. Failure by Exhibitor to abide by any such rules and regulations may (in addition and without prejudice to those consequences stipulated herein) result in the termination of this Contract, the loss of any rebates that Exhibitor may otherwise be eligible for, Exhibitor being suspended from participating in future Events and such other penalties or consequences as may specifically be provided in the said rules and regulation. / 本细则如有未尽善处,主办当局可在适当时候增删之。
  • 11.3 All Exhibitor shall also abide by the terms & conditions of Berjaya Times Square Hotel, as attached here to and known as “Appendix A”. / 参展商也必须遵守成功时代广场酒店之租用细则(参阅附件A)